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Veddhama foundation is a non-profit organization, a vedic healing centre that combines the true essence of Vedas - Upvedas and Vedangas, for balancing mind, body and soul. Our treatments are the right blend of four Upvedas - Arthved (science of sociology and economics) is related to Rigved; Dhanurved (science of defense and war and the making of its related appliances) is related to Yajurved; Gandharvaved (science of music, both singing and instrumental) is related to Samved; and Ayurved (the medical science) is related to Atharvaved; and six Vedangas – Vyakaran (Grammer), Jyotish (Astronomy & Predictable Sciences), Nirukt (study of history of words), Shikcha, Chand and Kalp Sutras, helping us achieve the highest success rate in treating our patients. Veddhama is currently considered among the best ayurvedic centers in Zirakpur and Chandigarh region, which offers ayurvedic medicines too.
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Upvedas are the applied knowledge of four Vedas- Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda and Atharveda. These deal mainly with 'secular' sciences such as Ayurveda (science of medicine), Gandharvaveda (science of music and dance), Dhanurveda (science of archery and warfare) and Sthapatyaveda (science of architecture). Some scholars consider Arthaveda or Arthashastra instead of Sthapatyaveda as one of the four Upavedas. The four Upavedas are important because they deal with worldly subjects, namely, man, matter and society. They are considered to be very important for their contribution in the development of Indian civilization and culture.


To make the spiritual and ritual concepts of the Vedas easily understandable, the rishis developed the Vedangas - "limbs of the Vedas". These are subsidiary works of Vedic knowledge that help one to study, understand and practice the teachings of the Vedas. The six Vedangas are Shiksha (phonetics), Chandas (prosody), Vyakarana (grammar), Nirukta (etymology), Jyotisha (Astronomy, Astrology, Mathematics, and Geometry) and Kalpa (Science of sacrificial rites and rituals). Shiksha and Chandas are aids for pronouncing and reciting Vedic mantras correctly, Vyakarana and Nirukta are for understanding their meaning, and Jyotisha and Kalpa provide appropriate times and methods for performing the Vedic sacrificial rites and rituals.


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