Dr. Suresh Chandra Mishra
Dr. Suresh Chandra Mishra
Dr. Suresh Chandra Mishra is a renowned astrologer, teacher and author of a number of books on Astrology with original Sanskrit Slokas and Hindi/ English commentary.

He is also a scholar of Sanskrit language as well as researcher of Vedic wisdom right from the original Vedic literature. He has translated and commented upon all major classics on astrology and intelligently explained the Vedanga Jyotisham of Sage Lagadha which for centuries was presented in a piece-meal manner by all Indian as well as English scholars of renown. He has also edited, translated and commented upon six works directly from hand-written Sanskrit manuscripts. In 2005, for the benefit of students of Vedic astrology, he aspired to customize a practical rule base that resulted in about 18 books since 2005.

The worth of his work lies in its accordance with astrological classics as well as in systematic application of rules cited in the Shastra. His books conceal vast meaning in their brevity.

Since 2012, he is publishing Mishra’s Indian Ephemeris with full Panchanga every year. His books are now being published from Pranav Publications, a unit of Shree Pranav Pustakayan Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi (India). Around 70 books in Sanskrit /Hindi and 42 articles in English are credited to him. He teaches Astrology at Vedic Astro India, established in1999 at Darya Ganj, New Delhi (India) and still paving the way through his organized lectures, workshops and write-ups.

Amongst his student-oriented books, prime titles are:

  1. Panchadhyayee
  2. Prashna Sandarshanam
  3. Vaastu Mimansa
  4. Jyotish:Gahre Paani Peth
  5. Kismat Ke Anmol Ratan
  6. Sankat Kate Mite Sab Peera
  7. Parashar Uvach
  1. Janmpatri Swaym Dekhiye
  2. Samvarsar Samhita
  3. Upaay Bhagyodaya
  4. Jaimini Mukta
  5. Sukh Santan Deepika
  6. Saundarya Lahari
  7. Sri Dahn Dhanya Siddhi
  1. Muhurta Mangalam
  2. Ganit Jyotisham: Khel Khel main
  3. Jyotish: Ujale ki Aur
  4. Kundali : Pahla Panna
  5. Vivah: Aah ya Vaah


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