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Aura ReadingAuras are energy bodies, electro-magnetic energy that contains loads of information about what is going on with people, animals, plants, and so forth at a deeper level. Your aura, for instance, includes information about how you communicate, your truthfulness, your emotions, the use of your mind and how you deal with power.

By : Mr. Manpreet Singh

Expert in Polycontrast Interferometry For human behaviour.

19TH : 4 - 6 PM
20TH : 11 - 1 PM

Neti YogJala neti kriya, more commonly referred to simply as neti is a simple procedure for maintaining nasal hygiene by means of irrigating the nostrils with warm salty water. Neti effectively removes dirt and bacteria filled mucus from the nasal passages.

By : Virender Singh

Chief & Mentor - Neti & Yog - Veddhama

Weekends : 6:30 - 8:30 AM
Radical HealingWithin your very being dwells an Inner Healer who is a powerful force within your psyche. When you call up your Healer, you call forth the part of you responsible for integrating your body, mind and spirit together into a unified whole. Your Healer wants nothing less that radical healing in your life.

By : Rajita

Healer & Mentor - USA

24TH : 10 - 12 PM
Cooking with Healing HerbsAccording to ayurveda, each meal should contain all six flavors: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, astringent, and pungent. The dominance of the flavors will be based on our predominant dosha makeup. For example, a Vata-predominant person will favor heavier meals with sour and salty tastes.

By : Dr. Deepa Pujar

Ayurvedic Physician

15TH : 11 - 1 PM
Acupressure for StomachApply pressure on the stomach points regularly to get relief in Gas and other problems. Applying pressure on stomach points reduces Stomach pains, abdominal contraction, indigestion, heartburn, constipation, lower back pain emotional stress, frustration etc.

By : Mr Ashok Dadwal

Director - School of Healing

29TH : 11 - 12 PM
Vedic Astrology
Argala in Horoscope Matching
Jyotisha (or Jyotishyam from Sanskrit jyotiṣa, from jyótis- "light, heavenly body") is the traditional Hindu system of astrology, also known as Hindu astrology, Indian astrology, and more recently Vedic astrology.

By : Rudra

International Consultant - Astrology Sciences
Founder - Veddhama

5TH : 11 - 1 PM


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