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A young and revolutionary thinker of this time, Rudra crusaded on the journey of Vedic astrology, vastu and palmistry 10 years back with his basic education in Vedanta from Guru Ghar of Shri Paramhans Dyal Swaroopanand Ji Maharaj. An international consultant practicing Vedic astrology, vastu, Mantra & Mudras, Rudra’s contribution is globally recognized Jyotish magazines, blogs and his translation of classical text of astrology has created an imperative impact in the astrology world.

Rudra is also the Founder and Director of School of healing, an institute offering Vedic and traditional healing technique programs.Apart from this, Rudra is the Director India - Research & Development at Canaveral Research Center, Florida and Consultant - Data Sciences at Think Tank Consultants, Chandigarh. He is a firm believer of the fact that Science finds its roots in spirituality and the spiritual realm and metaphysics finds affirmation in science.

He holds bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Master’s degree in Nano Technology and his expertise also lies in handling massive research projects under India’s leading labs like- CSIR, IIT DELHI, SSPL. He has been awarded Research Fellowship by Ministry of Science and Technology, India. Rudra is also relentlessly researching: nano-gold with each degree movement of sun and its interaction with various planets and astrology big data platform.
Piyoosha Sharma
Piyoosha Sharma
Piyoosha is an ambitious entrepreneur with 7 years of management experience. She has been instrumental in launching and raising companies towards profitable growth.

She started with her professional journey at the age of 21. With her sheer dedication and relentless efforts to raise the media company she was working for, she single handedly, within 1.5 years, nurtured the company from being into losses to profit, which led her to achieve the position of the company Director when she was only 24 and was positioned as the youngest Director in Tri-city.

Her expertise lies in Business Administration, Marketing and Sales. She has been a substantial contributor in guiding companies identify gaps and creating strategies that maximized their Marketing and Sales ROI through her consulting company, Think Tank Consultants.

She is also certified in Marketing Analytics from University of Virginia, USA.

Guided by her mentors, Piyoosha is a perfectionist and has logical approach towards every small and big thing. Her contribution in managing Veddhama is substantial.
Rajita is an engineer turned management professional. A national level basketball player she gave up a high paying job and career security to follow her dream of sports management. A born psychic, Rajita developed her abilities through yogic and reiki practice.She is a Soul Healer and believes that bringing light in people's life is her trues objective of this life. Rajita is Jyotisha praveena, Vastu Ratna and Numerologist. She practices Tarot , Reiki , Yoga and Accupressure as healing modalities. Presently in USA ,she works with charitable organizations as a healer helping those in distress without the pressure of any expectations which in her words hold a person down.


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