Process of Prescribing Treatment at Veddhama

Our USP lies in combining the true essence of Upavedas and Vedangas. Steps that we follow:

  • Tele-Information

    The first step is to inform and make the patient aware of the unique methodology, the process, the expected time required for first and subsequent visits and consultation fee at Veddhama. The patient books a telephonic appointment.

  • Patient History

    The counsellor at Veddhama fills the patient card by putting the history of his/her disease and the present treatment the patient is undertaking.

  • Prakriti Parikshan

    The counselor at Veddhama hands over the ‘Prakiriti Parikshan-Test’ to the patient which contains 20 questions related to ascertaining the Vata, Pitta and Kapha dosha of the patient (know more about Vata, Pitta, Kapha/take VPK test)

    Take the VPK Test

  • Vedanga Talika

    Further to understanding the Prakriti of the patient, he/she then fills up a Vedanga Talika where the patient mentions his/her Date of birth (DOB), Time of birth (TOB) and Place of Birth (POB). In case of patient not knowing his/her DOB, POB, TOB, the patient's palm picture is clicked or the essentials are retrieved through methods like - Horary, Prashan shastras and Shiv Swar Uday. The information is then passed on to the Jyotish at Veddhama who works on understanding the spiritual and mental health of the patient as per his/her Janam Nakshatra

  • Aura Scanning

    The energy aura of the patient is then scanned by clicking a picture of the patient and processing it through Veddhama’s Aura Scanning software. (know more about aura scanning)

  • Meeting with Vaidya

    The patient is escorted to the Ayurvedic Doctor who prescribes the treatment based on the prakriti of the patient. The copy of the prescribed treatment is handed over to the patient.

  • Treatment

    The patient undertakes the prescribed treatment which is a combination of Upavedas and Vedanga healing methods.


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